Ruukki Primo Skyline 100

Create contemporary facades with new Ruukki Primo Skyline 100 panels. This panel is ideal for horizontal orientation and comes with special features:

  • Unique tilted joints for low maintenance needs and longer life span (Patent pending)
  • Continuously adjustable joint width 
  • Individually replaceable if damaged

Available also with perforation and backlighting.

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    Model name
    Ruukki Primo Skyline 100
    Horizontal joint
    5...35 mm continuously adjustable
    Vertical joint
    5...35 mm continuously adjustable
    Fastening holes diameter
    5 x 10 mm
    Ventilation holes size
    5 x 15 mm
    200...4000 mm
    200...1000 mm
    40 mm


    Fastening style

    Fastening styleJoint widthIndividually replaceable panel
    Concealed5...35 mmNo
    Visible20 mm and 35 mmYes


    Perforation layout


    cd+15, d+25, d+30
    d12, 16, 20, 30 

    Symmetrical perforation: Fully perforated in symmetrical square layout. Only 1 hole size (d) and distance (a, b, c) per product.

    Art perforation: Fully or partly perforated in freely chosen locations. All hole sizes (d) and distances (c) available per product. Also other hole shapes are possible. 


    MaterialGradeMaterial thickness (mm)Weight (kg/m2)Surface treatment Available with perforationStock materialReaction to fire 
    Aluminium compositeA24.08.3PVDFNoNoA2-s1, d0
    Aluminium compositeA24.08.3HQPENoNoA2-s1, d0
    Aluminium compositeFR4.07.8PVDFYesNoB-s1, d0
    Aluminium compositeFR4.07.8HQPEYesNoB-s1, d0
    Colours & coatings


    Colour chart Coating Colour
    Standard GreenCoat HIARC RR20, RR21, RR23, RR40, RR41, RR42, RR43
    GreenCoat HIARC Matt RR40, RR41, RR45
    Colourful GreenCoat HIARC & Powder paint RR11, RR22, RR24, RR26, RR29, RR30, RR31, RR32,RR33, RR34, RR35, RR36, RR37, RR44, RR45, RR750
      Powder paint RAL 2000, RAL 2001, RAL 3003, RAL 6019, RAL 6027, RAL 9010
    Unique GreenCoat HIARC & Powder paint RAL and NCS colours available by request

    Also other coating types (e.g. anti-graffiti) are available upon request (non-stock material).

    Minimum order sizes:

    • Standard chart: No limitations
    • Colourful & unique chart: HIARC 900m2; Powder paint 100m2


    Facade cladding system, completed with flashings, fasteners and support studs, provides a fully finished facade, as well as quick and easy installation.

    Design tools

    Design software and BIM objects

    To make both architectural and structural design work easier, with accurate product information in 3D form, we offer a selection of CAD / BIM -objects and software tools, to be downloaded from the Software Toolbox portal.

    Ready modelled BIM objects

    Download objects for ArchiCAD
    Download objects for Revit

    Detail drawings (.dwg)

    Detail drawings (.pdf)


    Order forms

    Assembly instructions

    Assembly instructions document includes information about:

    • Packing
    • Transportation and unloading
    • Storing
    • Assembling.

    Maintenance instructions

    Maintenance instructions document contains information about:

    • Washing
    • Painting
    Certificates & Approvals

    Declaration of performance