Intop Warszawa

Cor-Ten reaps awards and popularity

The Intop's office building in Warsaw has a façade made of Cor-Ten steel, concrete and stone, and has already received a couple of awards and accolades in the world of architecture.  

“All façade materials are related to Intop’s business –civil engineering,” says architect Jacek Kunca at JMSA. “Cor-Ten harmonises well with concrete slabs and gabions. It is a very durable and vivid material, easy to process, takes on a nice patina and enables the façade to live a life of its own, with shade of colour  changing depending on the weather conditions,” adds Jacek Kunca.

Cor-Ten steel is suitable for many various applications in the construction industry. It works perfectly as a material for external façade walls where due to alternate dry and wet conditions it ages naturally without any maintenance needs.


Ruukki's delivery: 2017
  • Cor-Ten flat steel sheets
  • Investor: Intop Warszawa
  • Design: JM STUDIO Architektoniczne  Magdalena Ignaczak Jacek Kunca
Łukasza Drewny 70, Warszawa, Poland