Posten Norge’s logistics centre in Stavanger built on experience and trust

Nov 25, 2019

A logistics centre housing Posten Norge’s (Posten) and Bring, a logistics company specialising in package deliveries, was completed in March 2019 in Sandnes, to the south of Stavanger in Norway.

The new 15,000-m2 logistics centre is part of a nationwide letter, package and freight distribution network in Norway and houses storage and sorting facilities, a mail terminal and offices. Posten’s functions were earlier spread across the Stavanger region.

Veidekke Logistikkbygg started work on building the logistics centre in January 2018 and completed it in 14 months. Ruukki supplied the sandwich panels used in the walls of the building, the system windows and load-bearing roof.


Change required new premises

The logistics centre in Stavanger was the third of its kind built by Veidekke Logistikkbygg for Posten and follows two earlier centres in Trondheim and Narvik.

“The new centre was definitely needed since recent years have seen a dramatic shift in the transportation of packages and other mail. The number of packages has grown whereas traditional letter mail has contracted,” says project manager Egil Høeg at Veidekke Logistikkbygg.

As many as 170 delivery trucks of mail and packages a day pass through the new logistics centre. Posten and Bring, which is owned by Posten, often have deliveries to the same address and new joint deliveries now being made are estimated to reduce mileage driven by as much as 600,000 kilometres a year.


Daylight through the windows and the look of an office building

Sandwich panels can be used to build industrial and logistics buildings to a tight schedule. Industrial and logistics buildings often also contain office premises and this means office building characteristics, such as large windows, are required. This was also the case with the logistics centre in Stavanger.

Ruukki supplied the sandwich panels used in the building and the so-called system windows, which match Ruukki’s panels perfectly and together create an airtight, energy-saving wall structure.

“The panel-matching windows supplied by Ruukki are ideal for buildings where the walls and entire structure are built to a tight schedule,” notes Egil Høeg.

Under Norwegian legislation, workplaces permanently in use must have windows that let in daylight. The windows in the logistics centre in Stavanger are near the ceiling but in the office part they make up most of the wall to both bring light and create a character typical for office buildings.

Egil Høeg says that it took about six months to install the panels and windows. There are eight panels placed on top of each other in the walls and two rows were installed in a day.


Nothing beats trust

Egil Høeg said that he has been in cooperation with Arve Folkestad at Ruukki for 24 years. Besides quality products, the choice of Ruukki products for the Stavanger logistics centre was based on trust and service.

“Experiences of Ruukki panels and the windows made by Tikli at the Trondheim logistics centre confirmed the decision to choose Ruukki as the supplier for Stavanger, too. Nothing beats personal relationships and mutual trust in this business,” Egil Høeg points out.

Egil Høeg has been in the business a long time now. He considers that one of the keys to a successful construction project is knowing the project down to the last detail.

“I don’t think, I know”.

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